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Need a Professional with years of experience but can’t afford a full time Network administrator. Don’t want to spend a fortune on training users.

Is resolving issues with each computer in your office driving you nuts?

Do computer problems constantly cost your company down time and lost productivity ?

Does email and viruses and worms seem to plague your company day to day?

Looking for an all in one solution at a low cost? 

Call now have a full time network systems installer and trouble shooter working for  your company 24/7.

Need some one to answer you question?

Don’t want to wait on the phone for an hour talking to a machine?

Want a real person to pick up the phone?

We can setup and maintain your computers and  fine tune those lagging computers and make them work like they did when they were new.

We have reasonable monthly rates that will keep you company safe secure and up and running. We remotely check each computer. We fine tune each one, then make sure each one is safe secure and trouble free. We can  fix problems before employees can do damage to your systems, servers and data by using state of the art software for backups, virus protection and monitoring for all your companies systems. We can install new hardware at your location the day a problem occurs so you are backup and running  the same day in most cases (by the next day for system out of warranty) for system in warranty like for example a Dell(dude) you hope they get to it in a few days or a week but with our full service you can have it all today.

We can build a new system in hours and have you back up and running in hours not days.   

For a free quote of our  rates and estimate of our services please call


Accounting and Computer Networking Maintenance

Over 20 years experience working with computer and accounting

BA Degrees in Accounting and Computer Science  

My Phone Number is 501-664-4251

My Email is just click away  click "Contact me" at the bottom of this page

Motto: Any job worth doing is worth doing well

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